One of our hardwood floor representatives will help to assist you in the numerous decisions from what type of hardwoods to choose to be installed, to the kind of finish to use, which will bestow your new floor the perfect appearance you are trying to achieve in your home or business. Krikorian Hardwood Floors has a team of custom hardwood floor specialists, who have been creating a significant variety of special custom designs in floors, such as Inlays and Borders for over 35 years. When making your decision for your floor don’t forget to ask your Krikorian representative about our various inlays and borders selection, to which we have carefully crafted and created to give your new hardwood floor, a one of a kind, distinguished designer appearance.


Tired of those old dull scarred hardwood floors in your home? Many people do not realize the damage created day in and day out by the way we treat and care for our hardwood floors. Bring your old floors back to life by refinishing, at Krikorian Hardwood Floors, we specialize in the refinishing of existing hardwood floors to bring out the appearance and beauty of your aged floors. The Krikorian Team of artists has great representation when it comes to creating magic with your existing hardwood floors. Once you see the end result you will wonder why you did not do it sooner! So call/email today to get your quote.


Many builders may have the craftsmanship of great Carpenter’s on their team to install hardwood floor but do not have the quality craftsmanship or experience it takes in their team of carpenters to create the perfect finish for your new hardwood floor. That is where Krikorian hardwood floors comes to the rescue to assist in the help to get you the ascetically correct look of clarity or color you are trying to achieve with an alluring finish for your new hardwood floors in your home or business. Krikorian Hardwood Floors has been creating many different artistic aspects of hardwood flooring to make our customers overly ecstatic and satisfied.



From small repairs in your hardwood floors such as ruts or scratches or just replacing the damaged floor board, to incredibly large repairs, pertaining to restoring or replacing partially damaged floors caused by some type of disaster, Krikorian Hardwood Floors has been bringing their customers back from whatever type of disaster that may have a occurred in their hardwood floors for many years. The Krikorian team of hardwood floor specialists can help with any type of problem to bring the appearance of your floors back, better than before with a stunning fresh look and a magnificent finish for your existing hardwood floors.