The type or kind of finish you choose for your floors would depend on the kind of wood floor you have chosen and the look you were trying to achieve.

Krikorian Hardwood Floors will help you through the process of choosing the right finish for your floor to give that that spectacular look and clarity you would like to have for your new floor.

Some finishes are clearer than others. Many finishes have an amber color and thus appear to be less clear. The typical term used in the profession when looking for a clear finish is “natural water base finish”. However, on hardwoods such as red or white oak, an amber finish may enhance the character of the wood and be aesthetically pleasing. When trying to attain a clear dark color the best results come from a finish which has a high clarity.

The types of finishes to choose for your new floor would range from oil base to latex finishes, depending on the type of hardwood you have chosen to have installed in your home or business.

Oil base is the predominant finish used in the industry with a latex finish being secondary. The oil-based finish is more cost effective; it is tried and true to the industry and is the number one choice for floor finish. The latex finish offers more clarity, quicker drying time, and more durability. The majority of businesses choose latex finish for these reasons. However the cost for latex finish is 30% higher versus the oil-based finish.

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